Boat & Yacht Valet Packages:

We charge the lowest rate and deliver the highest service in the industry.

Our pricing is transparent at AED 30 per ft, per month.

Hence a 27ft rinker boat would cost AED 800 per month, and a 50ft yacht would cost AED 1500 per month.

The Package includes:

  • Wash down of the boat 3 times a week
    (12 washes a month)
  • Wash down of your boat every time you use it
  • Pre departure checks and preparation of boat

Our service is truly five star, we don’t just work but we take great pride in what we do.

Simply call us and we will prepare the boat for you and even check the electrical equipment to ensure everything is in working order and deliver ice. If you have guests to impress we can even roll out a red carpet on demand.

Yacht Valet contracts are minimum 3 months and payable 3 months in advance.


Hull cleaning

We offer under hull cleaning to remove barnacles and elements that block pumps and slow down performance of the boat. all our divers are padi approved.

Fancy your yacht to look brand new every single day?

Clean appearance and a neat layout play vital roles in defining luxury and comfort. We at Xclusive Marine allows you to just sit back and enjoy the cruise while we take away all the hassle of making the yacht look picture perfect!

Our clients have always been impressed with the level of commitment and attention to detail shown towards each minute area. We can assure that our services in Dubai will bring out the best in both interior and exterior wellbeing of your prized possession.

We also extend our services throughout the UAE to offer thorough marine cleaning and maintenance. We use only high quality, eco-friendly marine valet products that restore, clean, polish, protect and maintain all surfaces to achieve the best possible results for your boat.

Below is an extensive list of the services available but contact us to arrange a tailored boat valeting package to suit your individual needs.

  • Regular wash
  • Waxing & polishing
  • Teak treatment
  • Underwater cleaning
  • Antifouling
  • Sealant application
  • Engine bay and bilge cleaning
  • Rib cleaning
  • Bilge and engine room cleaning
  • Rust removal
  • Fenders and canopy washed
  • Renovation of leather, plastic or Vinyl


Five Star Service Standards

Xclusive Marine Valet provides fully insured and comprehensive valet services, and ensure your yachts receive the care that they deserve.

We believe in offering the highest standards of quality service and customer satisfaction, that enables you to enjoy the yachting experience that you seek.

The services of Xclusive Marine Yacht Valet is not just limited to cleaning and maintaining the yacht in perfect condition at all times, it also goes the extra mile to offer services extending from getting the laundry done and dried, fridge emptied and cleaned, teak decks and carpet being cleaned, to beautiful floral arrangements for any special occasion.

A snapshot of the services offered by Xclusive Marine Yacht Valet:

  • External washing/drying
  • Cockpit/deck cushions rinsing and drying
  • Checking of mooring lines
  • Internal cleaning
  • Bilges and engine room checking and cleaning
  • Teak deck treatment
  • Fenders and tender cleaning
  • Underwater cleaning and inspection
  • Topsides and hull polishing
  • Stainless steel polishing
  • Laundry service
  • Bunkering service
  • Flower service

And many additional and personalized services at your request!